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The Cool New Digs of SRAM - Trending the Open Office Concept

One Day at SRAM by Perkins + Will

SRAM, a bicycle components manufacturer recently took space at 1K Fulton in Chicago's West Loop Neighborhood, which has an interesting development story.  The building was an old cold storage facility that took about a year to thaw and redeveloped into a brand new office building, home to companies like Google and SRAM.

The growing trend of these creative spaces are showing that the blurred space between our work/life balance is being recognized and companies want their employees to be happier while working longer and of course, harder.  

These spaces come at a price as many lounge/creative/open areas add to the rentable SF and bottom line, but that's not what it's all about.  Companies like SRAM see this as an investment and great justification to increase collaboration, flexibility and inspiration.  This type of creative layout is not for every industry, but it is interesting to see more companies trending towards an open concept.  Factor in the cost of employee retention and there may be an argument to justify that expensive espresso machine.

Tour the new digs of Chicago's SRAM

Original Article: Curbed Chicago | By: AJ Latrace