Game Changing Tenant Services:  Gain a competitive edge by aligning your real estate strategy with your business plan.

A leased space can say a lot about a business. They are done to attract a labor pool, set a company image, save on the bottom line or a number of other reasons that set the course for a business.  We work with you to implement that vision and provide advice and recommendations that will add value.

The cost of your leased space is one of your company’s largest expenses, but is your current expense justified? If you are planning to move to a larger space, would you be better served by renegotiating your lease and revamping your current space? Should you take the higher cost location with better downtown access, or will the less expensive location a block away serve your company just as well?

Those important and financially significant decisions must be made with all of the relevant facts at hand, and that intelligence is what we provide our clients.

We have found that most companies have a tremendous amount of unrealized potential within their existing leased space due to inefficiency in the footprint, economics, functionality, or image.  We work with our clients to define, discover, and execute a sound real estate plan. This approach to real estate helps companies grow, regain, or sustain a consistent competitive advantage.


  • Facility Relocations and Acquisitions

  • Lease Renegotiation & Renewals

  • Sale/Leaseback

  • Dispositions & Subleases

  • Space Expansion and Consolidation

  • In-Depth Location Analysis

  • Lease and Operating Cost Audits

  • Single Asset and Portfolio Valuations

  • Transaction Management

  • Lease Administration & Audit

  • JBSCRE team approach ensures high accountability, broad coverage and market perspective.

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Clarity. Is your business growing? Contracting? Changing the type of real estate needed?  What will your business need in the years to come? 
Our brokers work with you to establish how your long term goals can coincide with your real estate objectives. We help you establish the clarity of your needs over the lease term in order to establish a leasing strategy that suits your specific requirements.

Identity. What identity works for your business?  We will work with you to target specific properties to meet your identity and amenity needs.  We can help you establish a prestigious, budget-friendly, or even a green image to help enhance your brand.

Location. This is one that everyone knows, but it is still the most important.  We can help you establish the best potential location taking a number of factors into consideration.

·       Location for clients. Some clients like to work with local players.  If your business has clients heavily concentrated in a specific area it may be a great idea to have a local presence.

·       Location of resources. Manufacturing and distribution companies are especially concerned with proximity to vendors, suppliers and arterial roads. 

·       Location of employees. Location will determine employees.  As such, local labor pools, as well as proximity for current employees should be evaluated to retain talent and maximize relocation value. 

Improve your company’s bottom line. Your leased space will typically account for one of the highest expenditures your business will have after payroll. Understanding how to keep your bottom-line competitive will make your business more profitable and give you a sustainable competitive advantage against your competition.


Leases and Lease Renewals. Our professionals will help you put together the proper strategy to negotiate leases. Even if you like your space and don't want to move, we can help you save money, time as well as add value on your lease renewal.

Lease Restructuring & Audits. Careful planning and strategy has allowed us to provide our clients with significant value. This occurs when a space no longer supports the business’s needs. Whether you’ve outgrown the space, the company is downsizing, or it’s priced over market, our creativity can help. While economics and rental concessions are usually a big focus, we explore all avenues to provide value and future flexibility. 

Improve your real estate decisions with clarity, identity, and location. As your commercial real estate partner, we’re here to help answers your questions (some of which you might not even know yet!).  But some of those questions may include political, economic, or municipal changes, and we’ll help you find the best lease solution and provide insight on external factors that could affect your business.


1. Understand your business' needs, challenges and opportunities

2.  Save you time and money by making sure your business objective are in line with the market, as well as provide sound advice to best achieve your goals

3. Ensure you understand all costs associated with your lease, as well as provide valuable decision making power which includes seeing alternative market options

4. Make better use of your office space by increasing the efficiency

Partners, Not Vendors – The Extension of Your Company. Our goal as tenant representatives is to provide as many viable options as possible. This flexibility gives you and your company the autonomy to focus on your business and use the cost savings elsewhere.  We do this exceptionally well by understanding your goals and discussing key issues like cost, functionality and market concessions.

With this understanding, we are able to avoid many obstacles and uncover benefits that you may not have been aware of. You benefit from having us act as your in-house real estate department.

Our clients are able to achieve better results and stronger negotiations through our preliminary planning process and implementation of strategies that yield options.

Your company needs to be certain its real estate can support the functionality and efficiency of your business now and into the future.

Sometimes moving your business' location is NOT the best business choice.  Saving money on your rent or reducing your risk within your current space may be a better option. We can help you restructure your lease long before it is due to expire.

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