We’ve got the culture you’re looking for.  It’s supportive, flexible and collaborative. It encourages you to pursue your goals and develop professionally.  We want you to lead, innovate, and bring a bold new perspective


You’ve Got the Goods. We’re looking for the type of brokers who think big and have the talent and passion to act on those ideas.  Our office personifies creativity, hard work and passion.

Entrepreneurial Spirit. You have it, and so do we.  We empower our brokers to run with an idea, and encourage calculated risks.   We work to develop strong leaders.

Team Work. Titles and hierarchies are for business cards and egos.  While it’s good to distinguish your role, above all else, results matter.  We work together on complex negotiations or step up when a colleague needs a hand.  

Innovation. Innovation is not always about the newest technology.  It can be a better process or new way of thinking.  We’re open and encourage trying new ways to serve our clients.

Flexibility. Our lean model allows our brokers to do great work and engage their clients without the red tape.  The ability to act quickly and adapt on the go is key.  

Joining JBS. We know that moving firms is a big change and we are with you every step of the way.  When a broker joins JBS Commercial Real Estate, we make every effort to minimize the downtime often caused by moving client’s to a new firm.  We have a seamless process to help ensure that you are integrated quickly.  Our goal is to create an environment that allows you to work from day one.

Integrating You and Your Clients. Proper management of new clients and their records is a vital priority.  We will work with you to transition your clients and files to ensure critical deadlines are properly recorded and acted upon quickly.  We will meet with you before your arrival to ensure that your move is well publicized and to support your business development needs.  We often use client alerts, e-blasts, press announcements and other mediums to inform clients, friends and the local business community of a recent move.  

Broker Liaison. A firm partner will be your liaison.  This relationship is invaluable to a speedy and efficient integration into the firm, as a partner gives a point of contact for questions and issues.

We seek brokers that are as passionate about their personal lives as they are their professional lives.  We embrace the balance.

Want to Join the Team?
We're always looking for smart, team-oriented, proactive problem solvers that are able to get things done.

If you believe you fit this profile and want to know more, please submit your resume, cover letter, and information to info@jbscre.com