We unify the creative, technical and financial aspects of a sale into a streamlined cohesive process.

Investment needs can quickly change from acquisition, to long-term hold, to disposition.  Our brokers help to measure tolerance for risk/reward and come up with a strategy to achieve your acquisition or disposition goals.  Please contact us with your buying or selling needs so we can help simplify the process.

Investment Strategy.
Your real estate investment strategy is personal. You have a certain perception of risk, asset category and location that you wish to acquire. Based on this, our professionals are able to analyze beyond the physical real estate market and fully understand your goals and strategy.

 Asset Valuation and Due Diligence.
"Am I getting a good deal?" Proper valuation on the financial side as well as due diligence of the asset is important. We go through a calculated risk assessment that allows us to analyze scenarios that may lead to potential hazards or opportunities.

Cultivating the Proper Experts.
Our professionals work with skilled property managers, contractors, and professional firms to increase the potential value in the targeted asset.


  • Dispositions

  • Investor Acquisitions

  • Owner/User Acquisitions

  • Asset Marketing

  • Sale/Leaseback

  • Space Expansion & Consolidation Planning

  • In-Depth Location Analysis

  • Single Asset and Portfolio Valuations

  • Lease and Cost Analysis

  • Investment Analysis

  • JBSCRE team approach ensures high accountability, broad coverage and market perspective.

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·       Assessing whether a potential tax reduction can be achieved

·       Exploring whether improvements can result in reduced utility and common area maintenance costs

·       Exploring financing methods to increase cash flow

·       Disposition: Seeing comparable properties is an effective way to generalize the value of an asset. With each parcel being unique, value is achieved by understanding the motivation behind the seller. This personal investment strategy will dictate the pricing, speed, and risk associated with the sale of your asset based on current market trends

Your disposition strategy is just as personal as your acquisition strategy was.  We take into account your sales objectives and requirements and provide in-depth market information to develop a compelling price that maximizes value.

Our marketing efforts provide a large amount of exposure through our distribution channels and databases, which create strong market demand. 

Finally, our brokers handle the negotiations and help with the due diligence process by making sure key dates and key personnel are kept in the loop, thus strengthening the sales price and ensuring a successful closing.     

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