The work you do will have a direct effect on business in the local community.  At JBS Commercial Real Estate, we pride ourselves on maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit.  

You have a voice that needs to be heard within the company - At JBS Commercial Real Estate, you will make an impact.


Finding a Leader in Everyone. There is an expectation that everyone at JBS has the ability to lead. Each of our brokers have different and unique leadership capabilities and styles. We encourage a culture of leadership, across all disciplines, and we know we have a better place to work when we invest in everyone’s growth.

Joining JBS – Fresh and New. There is a lot to know and learn if you are new to real estate. The brokers who succeed are the ones that get things done.  They jump right in, they take on as much responsibility as they can to be able to self-evaluate. They make sure they work with the partners to plan their career goals and identify areas for professional and personal development. We focus on communication skills, professional judgment, collaborative efforts and a commitment to the firm culture. 

Why We Love Commercial Real Estate. In commercial real estate, there is never one answer to a problem. Things move quickly, and being adaptable is a necessity.

Our interactions with our clients give us a rare ability to do what we enjoy on a day-to-day basis, which is finding creative solutions to challenging problems. This rare form of entrepreneurship allows us to keep a collaborative culture filled with many different opinions and expertise, which leads to a stronger company.

By making a commitment to WHY we do things in conjunction with WHAT we do; JBS has created a platform to foster incredibly talented individuals and strong teams.

We believe in providing the highest level of service through proactive communication. We give our clients and brokers the same care so they receive all the tools necessary to pursue their goals, grow for the future, and reduce risk.

Real estate is dynamic, complex and always evolving.  We believe it makes for exciting work.  We embrace the energy and passion of real estate and apply it to the work we do for our clients.  We’re not afraid to do things differently, and we like it that way.

Want to Join the Team? We're always looking for smart, team oriented, proactive problem solvers that are able to get things done. We're less interested in grades, scores, and your overall ability to take tests. It's how you think, react and approach challenges that matters most. 

If you believe you fit this profile and want to know more, please submit your resume, cover letter and information to